Hi, Welcome to PL Platoon new webpage. Please enjoy our servers and website.

Premium Lager Platoon.
We are an established Platoon. New players always welcome. Visit our BF3 server at ; Server page
If you fancy getting involved visit the website and signup. Just want to play? Look out for the PL servers (based in UK) – don’t forget to add us to your favourites!
We are UK based with members from all over the world – from 18 to moderately elderly! All skill levels welcome. New to platoons and online gaming – no worries! Just join up and play and stop by the website from time to time to see what’s happening.

Rules of conduct on server :-

NO Hacking/Cheating/trolling/flaming.

If your skills(?) empty the server you could get banned.
although this might not seem fair to you, its in the interest of the server & all other players.
after all, there is no point having a server if its empty !

WE are protected by :-